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When one of your major home appliances need repair, we dispatch one of our certified technicians to come to your home, diagnose the problem, and give you an instant cost estimate to restore your appliance to peak operating condition. Regardless of the brand, or whether your model is gas or electric, our people have the knowledge and skills to fix your washer, dryer or stove quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide the best appliance repair in the San Jose area at very competitive prices and we maintain a staff of fully qualified service mechanics with years of experience in repairing all makes and models of appliances. We have manufacturer recommended first quality repair parts on hand for most major brands and models, so you don’t have to wait. Most repairs can be done in less than four hours.


• Washing Machines

Your washing machine is a vital appliance that gets a hard workout regularly, especially if you have a large family. Keeping it in good repair will prolong its life for years. We are familiar with your make and model and we are ready to fix any problem with:

• Motors
• Transmissions
• Belts and Hoses
• Mixing Valves
• Timers


Like your washing machine, a dryer gets constant heavy duty use in most homes. Vibration, heat and lint accumulation can eventually lead to a breakdown. Our service technicians can fix problems with:

• Motors
• Timers
• Drive Belts
• Heating Elements


Your cooktop or range can last a lifetime, but with time the heating elements on an electric stove will sometimes deteriorate, and occasionally a gas stove may malfunction. Accidents can happen and your cooktop glass may be broken. When you call, we are ready to fix any problem with your particular stove.

• Cooktop Glass
• Burners and Elements
• Pilot lights
• Thermocouples
• Timers


When our technicians repair your appliances, they look for any conditions that might lead to future failures and take steps to ensure your device is up to specifications.

• Electrical Connections
• Gas Connections
• Dryer Vent and Ducts
• Lubrication
• Filters


Our certified technicians are trained to service and repair all makes of major home appliances. If your machine is under warranty, we fix it and bill the manufacturer.


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